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Welcome to our blog. It’s where we love to share tips, offer advice, and keep visitors up to date with all the latest news and areas of interest within the web design and web marketing industry. Its purpose is to be a hub of useful, engaging, and unique content that appeals to anyone interested in our niche.

Good riddance to fake reviews

It is no secret how valuable it is for a business to receive realistic, honest customer feedback via online reviews, whether positive or negative. In…

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What is a high bounce rate?

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors to a particular website that leave without taking any action, such as clicking a link, requesting a…

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Capture the moment

Summertime often kick starts our nostalgia meter here at the Make Me Local office.  It is a great opportunity to reflect, take stock and celebrate…

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Baby groups in Bromley

If your office is anything like ours, talk will definitely have turned to Meghan Markle and the imminent arrival of the newest royal. Although the…

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The power of online reviews

Online reviews are so important for your business. They are something that are probably on your radar, but are you aware of just how much…

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Responsive web design explained

The first website to use responsive web design (RWD) was launched in 2001 and American web designer and author Ethan Marcotte coined the term ‘responsive…

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