Summertime often kick starts our nostalgia meter here at the Make Me Local office.  It is a great opportunity to reflect, take stock and celebrate achievements from the first half of the year while we get ready for the final act.  If you have an important occasion to mark this summer and would like to capture the moment, you may benefit from hiring a professional photographer. Here’s how Make Me Local has benefitted from working with some great local photographers recently.

Photographing work life

The recent arrival of two new Make Me Local team members called for some refreshing new team photos courtesy of Kate Darkins Photography, to mark the start of a new era for our multi-award winning web design agency (plus, we are a vain bunch that just can’t resist the chance to pose)!

Using great, up-to-date pictures on our website, enables us to show our clients who we are and what we have to offer rather than just telling them.  Plus, quality images not only help us get found on the web, they are a great way of engaging our visitors for longer and enticing them to visit us again.  High quality, professional photos reflect the high quality, professional services we offer and reinforces our company brand values.

If your business is looking to take a step further and put images into motion, you may want to hire a professional video production company to create that perfect promotional video.

Capturing family life

Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with capturing those special family moments and milestones.  One of our team members has just experienced exam fever for the first time and they are grateful to be joining the hundreds of other families in Bromley who are breathing a sigh of relief that the school term (and the eggshell treading) is nearly over!  They are sure to take absurd amounts of photos over the summer holidays to mark yet another significant year in their family album.

Something happens to us when we see pictures of our families doesn’t it?  We well up with pride at their achievements, travel back in time to remember those lost too soon and events long forgotten, we’re reminded of what matters most, how quickly time flies and to treasure the moments we have today.  Photographs also help us to share memories from one generation to the next.

If you are looking to enrol the help of an expert family photographer to update your family photos.  We can recommend Harriet Buckingham Photography who works local to the Bromley area and would be a great choice for capturing that perfect (mantlepiece worthy) family shot or for photographing special occasions.  Likewise, if you are a new mum enjoying the magic and madness of your new arrival and want some professional newborn baby photos or you simply want to capture those magical ‘firsts’ (first steps, first tooth, first day of school), Harriet will deliver.

Whatever the event or occasion, make sure you record the moment with the help of a professional.  It’s well worth it!  After all, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and will be treasured forever.