If your office is anything like ours, talk will definitely have turned to Meghan Markle and the imminent arrival of the newest royal. Although the exact due date hasn’t been announced, it is thought that Meghan will give birth around March/April time. Of course, the British public (and the Make Me Local office) are eager for details – rumour has it that the couple are shunning the traditional Lido Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London, with Meghan instead choosing to have their baby in Windsor. Wherever the couple decide to welcome their baby into the world, we’re sure the Duchess of Cambridge will have the best of the best.

If, like Meghan, you’re due to give birth soon, or you are a new parent in the Bromley area, you might be wondering about the support that is available to you. Bromley has various networks, professionals and groups that can help you plan the birthing experience that is right for you, and make the most of your time with your baby when he or she arrives. We have put together some resources that you may find useful for you and your little one in our local area.

During pregnancy

Enjoy your pregnancy as a Bromley mum-to-be. Here are a couple of ideas for you.

Pregnancy acupuncture 

Acupuncture can be used to boost circulation and blood flow to the uterus, promoting good health for mother and baby. It’s also a relaxation tool, and can help with nausea, labour pains, tension and anxiety. If you would like to explore this ancient Chinese practice during your pregnancy, or perhaps after birth, Denise Callaghan offers osteopathy and accupuncture in Bromley. Your might also be interested in her services if you have young children, as she offers cranial osteopathy suitable for infants, which can treat symptoms of colic and talipes.

Telephone: 0208 313 0510

Planning you baby shower 

A baby shower is a great way for friends and family to come together in anticipation of your new arrival. If you want to make your baby shower look a little bit special special, or you are planning a beautful event for a mum-to-be, Love Lane Events know exactly what they are doing. They have even decorated spaces for celebrity events and photoshoots, so they can add that extra sparkle to your baby shows.

Telephone: 07894123156


Plan the birthing experience that is right for you, with the help of these Bromley professionals.

Choosing a doula

A doula’s role is to support the whole family through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. They offer flexible and practical help, as well as emotional support for women at home or in hospital. A doula can help a mother to make decisions about her maternity care and birth, so that she can feel empowered and in control of her experience. There are many doulas who work aorund Bromley if you are interested.


If you’re feeling anxious about birth, hypnobirthing can help you learn techniques to stay calm, feel in control, and have a generally more positive birth experience. You will come away with your own toolkit of knowledge that you can apply as relevant throughout your own pregnancy and birth. Hello Little One hold group classes in West Wickham, and private classes in Bromley, Beckenham, Petts Wood, West Wickham, Keston, Shirley, Orpington, Bickley, Chislehurst and Anerley.

Choosing a birth centre 

A birth centre is an alternative to a homebirth or a hospital labour ward, for women who are having a straightforward pregnancy. The Oasis Birth Centre at the Princess Royal Hospital offers a more homely environment than a hospital, with birthing pools, cribs, beds, sofas, showers and toilets in the rooms. Professional midwives are present but offer less intervention, so you can feel more at peace.

Baby groups in Bromley

Enjoy quality time with your little one at a local Bromley baby group.

Breastfeeding drop-in group in Beckenham 

The Baby Café Beckenham is a relaxed, informal place to meet other mums and get advice and support around breastfeeding. There are knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your questions and you can pick up leaflets to help you.

Mondays: 1pm-3pm

Neighbourhood Church, Cromwell Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4LW

Baby sensory play 

Find various locations around the borough holding workshops and classes, giving you the opportunity to stimulate your baby’s senses and have fun in a new social setting. You can use massage, music, movement and various themes to enjoy your time together.

Swimming lessons 

It’s never too soon to start enjoying the water, and Tiny Fins offer swimming lessons in Beckenham, Orpington and South Croydon for babies from four months old. These are small classes are held in a warm private pool, helping your baby develop confidence and building exercise into your routine, with the help of a qualified instructor.

Play programmes

Find details of various play programmes in Beckenham and Orpington, including activity classes, parties and play resources. They are designed to provide fun and learning for babies and toddlers through interactive sessions.

Have your say

Recently given birth? How did it go? If you have strong views on any point of your birthing experience, be it the way you were treated by your midwife, obsterician or health visitor, or the facilities at your hospital, you can speak to Bromley Maternity Voices . They are a group of health professionals, public health represantatives and local parents working to improve maternity services, and they want to hear about your experiences, positive and negative.

Think there’s anything else new parents in Bromley should know about? Let us know!