Is video the way to get customers’ attention

Video seems to be everywhere. From the cute animal clips to people using video to communicate with their friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram, you can’t avoid bumping into it more than a few times a day. But is it as effective a tool for business purposes and for growing your brand awareness and company? In short, yes. And here’s why.

Time constraints

We are increasingly pushed for time to do anything, whether it’s at work or in our personal life. Information is competing for our attention and we are pulled in lots of different directions at any given time. Our attention span is therefore greatly reduced and we will only linger if something actually grabs it and is interesting and engaging enough to make us stop and focus. This is where video comes in. Taking less effort on our part as it does not require us to carefully read text-heavy material, video can use voice, music, and action to get a message across. Add to that the fact that millennials are now making up a significant proportion of any business audience and it is no surprise that video is seen as the way to get a message across quickly and effectively.

The platforms we use

We are increasingly using our phones and tablets rather than laptops and PCs to find what we need. This makes it easier for us to click on a video whether it is on a website or social media platform through our apps; no need to log on to websites or jump through pages to find what we want, just click and play!

Feedback from our clients

There is no greater measure of success than your own clients telling you that since you created and uploaded that video on to their homepage their figures have gone through the roof; it could be increased requests for quotes, sales figures, or time spent on their website.


There is a wealth of statistics out there on what makes good marketing success. From reputable organisations which collect and analyse data, such as eMarketer, to the untold number of digital agencies and blogs that track trends. Whichever statistic you want to follow, they are all showing an exponential upward trend in video-related results.

Encourages action

Video is easy to share and emotive enough to encourage quick action. It is content-rich and quick to share – one click and it’s done – making it quicker and easier to forward to friends and colleagues. In the same vein, it is just as easy to follow a call-to-action on a video and get in touch with the business promoting its products or services.

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