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Paid search is a great way of getting search traffic to your website. It makes you instantly visible, and the people who click on your links are often ready to buy.

We use Google Ads – formerly known as AdWords – the most popular and effective pay-per-click (PPC) platform out there – 93% of paid search spend goes on Google (Source: Adobe). As it is a pay-per-click platform, you only pay when someone clicks onto your ad.

Paid search gets up to 65% of clicks when people are looking to buy something – the lead generation potential is huge. (Source: Blue Corona)

What is paid search?

Paid search is a way of appearing higher on Google’s search engines – but for a price. Whereas SEO gets your website ranking higher organically, paid search works on a pay-per-click basis. It’s highly competitive – lots of businesses are bidding for the same keywords to be used in their ads and it’s a bit like attending a busy auction. It takes skill to negotiate the right prices and get your ads appearing on Google. The main benefit is that your ads appear right at the top of the page, and they look similar to organic listings, making people more likely to click on them. It really does pay to be at the top – 75% of paid search smartphone clicks occur in position one. (Source: Bing)

How do we create a
winning PPC campaign?

We target your ideal customers.

By using carefully selected keywords, we will be able to create ads that are relevant for the audience you would like to be your customers.

We tie it in with the rest of your marketing.

Our search experts use what they already know about you and your business’s unique selling points to create carefully targeted campaigns.

We help boost your traffic.

PPC allows adverts to appear in Google’s top spots. With our highly targeted ads in the mix as well, PPC can significantly increase your traffic.

We work to your budget.

You can set budgets you are comfortable with – we will create ads with a cost per click that is competitive yet budget friendly.

paid search

Paid search is an excellent way to get fast results for local searches. As a local business, your advert will be highly relevant to people in need of local services, increasing the likelihood that people will click onto your website.

As an agency specialising in local search, we can help you bid for the top spots. We will:

  • Work to understand your local market and the people who could be searching for businesses like yours.
  • Use local keywords that hold a compelling message for people in your area. We make it clear your business has what they need.
  • Monitor results closely to understand your customers’ behaviour. We continually adjust campaigns based on what we learn.


Our Managing Director explains how to make your paid search campaigns perform.


“Paid search is tricky to master, but it’s rewarding when it works. We help our clients to tie paid search in with SEO to achieve maximum impact and increase quality local traffic, giving you more opportunities to get the enquiries you want.”

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