March is the month we celebrate International Women’s Day (the 8th March to be exact).  A globally recognised day with gender equality at the heart of it.  As the world celebrates all of the wonderful women that live within it, we thought we’d ask our growing MML team (made up mainly of women I might add) to join in the celebrations and reflect on women that have inspired them in their life so far.  Here’s what they came up with…

My sister Tilly is set to qualify as a midwife in a few months’ time and having some insight into her training has given me a whole new level of respect for our hardworking NHS staff.  Being a student, Tilly works 12-hour (unpaid) shifts alongside her mentors, attends university, revises and sits exams as well as working part time (whenever she can) as a carer for the elderly.  She never complains and never gives up despite the challenges being a midwife brings and the physical and mental effects that the long hours and emotional labour has on her.  The knowledge and skills she has learned over the last three years has amazed me and seeing how passionate she is about her incredibly rewarding role inspires me every day.  I know she is going to be a fantastic midwife.”  Molly
Outside of my family fold, I have always been incredibly inspired by my English Teacher from secondary school.  Her passion for English always shone during her lessons and has now become a passion of mine.  She definitely inspired my love of words and I still use the writing structure and techniques she taught me today.”  Nicola
The inspiring lady in my life is…drum roll…my lovely Nan.  Despite battling with (and overcoming) breast cancer herself, Nan still managed to care for her mum (my amazing great-nan) and at the same time assist my Grandad through his cancers, which included a series of life-changing operations and long hospital stays.  Throughout everything, Nan genuinely never lost her smile and even managed to host Christmas for the family during this incredibly tough time.  She is the most selfless, thoughtful lady and I am so lucky that I get to call her my Nan.”  Hayley

My inspirational lady is Pip Edwards, Co-Founder of P.E. Nation which has become a brand of sportswear that I absolutely love.  Pip is a working mum that has not only created a great brand and product, but her business accomplishments and ethics have managed to inspire me to make some changes to my own life.  After, reading an article which asked her how she has catapulted her business to become such a global success, she mentioned that it was purely passion and belief for her own brand and always wearing and self-marketing everything she creates. But with accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time she needed help with being a true and grounded person.  To help her with this, she introduced some “non-negotiables” into her life.   I really loved this idea and was so inspired I decided to add these non-negotiables to my own life which I have stuck by for the last couple of years – they are:

  1. Being around for all school events and family days – as missing these important times creates an overwhelming feeling of guilt which I find very difficult to shake off.
  2. Workout daily – I dedicate time before work every single morning for a workout session at home and on Friday’s I attend a fantastic Pilates Class.  For me, exercise is the best way to clear my head and keep me sane because, quite frankly, if I feel good, I get stuff done!Ellie.
I’m surrounded by inspirational ladies at home and at work.  My wife is a hardworking mum and business owner and we have two cracking girls who I know will grow up to do amazing things in their own right.  My mum and sister are also confident, strong-willed women, and of course, I work alongside seven talented female co-workers that each bring their own flavour to our company.  It is impossible not to be inspired by them all every single day!”  Lee
Since working at Make Me Local, I’ve been inspired by all the female entrepreneurs that we work with.  Successful women that have taken their passion and turned it into a business.  From accountants, photographers, event managers, to glaziers, designers and shop owners – our female clients never fail to impress and inspire me with their achievements.”  Lucy
My mum is the most incredible person I have ever met.  Mum left school before taking her exams and had a tough start in life.  She has worked non-stop to achieve the IT Manager position she currently holds at FM Conway.  She has won numerous awards for her work and enjoys undertaking regular training and qualifications with the aim to continue to grow and develop.  She does all this while managing her own busy life as well as helping her family to manage theirs.  I look up to her so much and she is a source of constant inspiration to me,” Emma

If you haven’t already, why not encourage your male and female employees to participate in the conversation around gender parity and get sharing your discussions on your social media channels to recognise the day (and the meaning behind it) in your workplace.  Talking about current trends on your social media is a great way to get your audience engaging with you.

Don’t worry chaps, before you all start getting on your high horses, there is an International Men’s Day too.   It’s later in the year though……ladies first and all that!