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Social media marketing that shows your personality

Our social media marketing services ensure your business competes on your chosen platforms, making sure people are aware of your business and interested in your services. As social media experts, we’ll showcase your personality through bespoke content, build your brand, and engage your audience.

Your social media team will work in partnership with you to make sure you’re represented perfectly online. We’ll advise you every step of the way, taking care of your accounts and freeing up your time to focus on other responsibilities. Social media is your way of demonstrating the appeal of your business and the values you stand for. The more we can put on there about you, the better. The personality comes from you and the strategy comes from us.

A social media agency that understands your business

We draw attention to your business, reaching potential customers on social media and helping you to stand out in your industry.

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We work with some great clients across a wide range of industries. Hear what they have to say about working with us and find out why we’re the digital marketing consultants you’ve been looking for.

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Social media showcases your personality and engages potential customers – let us show you what’s possible.
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The impact of professional
social media services

Social media marketing lets you establish a presence for your business on social media channels, allowing your brand to become part of wider conversations and people’s everyday lives – it gets you attention in a positive way.

Raise brand awareness

Get the word out about your business and make sure customers understand your appeal.

Increase engagement

People interact with content they like. This lets others see it too, spreading your influence.

Build trust

People who engage with your brand on social media are more likely to trust your business.

Showcase personality

Social media allows people to buy into the story and personality of your business.

Establish authority

Relevant, well-researched content encourages people to see you as experts in your field.

Support from an expert
social media marketing agency

Your expert team will help you to make a bigger impact online, creating social media profiles that are on-brand and will resonate with your target market. When we manage your social media accounts, we will:

  • Create a tailored content plan that is designed to represent your business perfectly and create a positive impression.
  • Schedule in content at times when your customers are online, ensuring the right people see it.
  • Send you reports so you can understand how people are reacting to your social profiles.
  • Produce content that is visual, compelling, and interesting to encourage more engagement.
  • Research your market and competitors to understand what works for your industry.
  • Build up your fanbase, actively encouraging people to like your social profiles and engage with them.

Making you local with expert social media management

Our social media packages are tailored to your business, providing the level of support you require. All our packages contain profile optimisation, bespoke graphics, professional content, and unlimited support from your assigned Social Media Executive. Beyond this, we’re proud of the skills we have in house and can provide specialist services such as dedicated photo and video shoots for your business. Let us create the strategy you need to thrive on social media.

Hear from your social media experts


Amber’s advice

“Be consistent across your social media platforms. This will allow your audience to recognise and remember your brand. Keep the same tone of voice and plan ahead so you have the time to consider how your posts will look across different platforms. You could even stick with a colour scheme as a way to further build brand recognition.”

Our Bromley Office

We are based at Lion House, 86 Station Road, West Wickham, Kent, BR4 0PU and love where we work! Find out more about our location and see the place where the magic happens – our office.

We work with clients throughout Bromley, Kent, London and the South East – our clients love their locations as much as we do, so we help them find their ideal local customers.

Frequently asked Social Media questions

Why should I use social media?

Embracing social media is an excellent way to increase people’s awareness of your brand. If people are familiar with your business and see you sharing your expertise online, it builds trust in your services. You can also use your social media profiles to provide potential customers with a behind the scenes look at your company. This shows off your personality and helps people to understand what you’re like to work with.

When is the best time to post on social media?

The best time to post will be different for every business but working this out is very simple. The best time to post on social media is when your target audience is online to see your posts! If you want to connect with potential customers, your social media marketing strategy needs to be based around their availability and requirements.

What social media platforms should I use?

Social media is personal, and so is choosing which platforms to use. You need to work out what you want your business to achieve by using social media and then select platforms which will help you meet your goals. If your team are always visiting customers and are able to send you photos on a regular basis, these could provide excellent online content. But if everyone’s camera shy, a platform like Instagram might not be the best choice! Ultimately, the platforms you should use will depend on your circumstances.

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