We are well versed in the importance of tweaking rather than slashing digital marketing efforts during a downturn. We have helped hundreds of businesses transform their digital approach and benefit from the generous profit it can generate. However, there is nothing like hearing the facts directly from a customer. We asked Toni Davies from Junk Taxi* to share her story….

Why did you decide to invest in SEO?

We started Junk Taxi back in 2018, only a few years before the pandemic struck. Like most start-ups, we were trying to manage our marketing efforts alongside the demands of running a new business, and as you can imagine, this did not leave us with as much time to invest in a marketing strategy as we would have liked. Our knowledge was also limited in areas too, for example, we tried setting up Google Ads ourselves a few times, but as beginners to the experience it was slightly overwhelming. We didn’t realise that upon setting up our Google Ads account, a lot of options were selected by default, so we spent a lot of money trying to get the settings to work correctly for us.

When the covid pandemic reared its head in 2020, we were aware that it was an uncertain time for small businesses, and we knew people would become more selective and cautious with their spending. But we wanted our business to continue to grow, and we were determined to do whatever it took to continue our initial success. We were also aware that we had reached a point where we knew that if we wanted the company to grow further and become more professional, we needed our website to work harder for us. That is when we approached Make Me Local.

What did an improved SEO strategy help you achieve?

We wanted our website to generate more enquires for us that were within our coverage area, so together with Make Me Local, we created an SEO strategy that would reach our target audience effectively, allowing our quality service to do the rest.

Our long-term SEO strategy includes:

  • Redesigning and rebuilding our website and optimising it for mobile devices. Including professional photography.
  • Filling the website with SEO-optimised content that targets high-volume keywords within our target locations.
  • Creating location pages to target specific areas.
  • Creating a Google Ads campaigns that would supplement organic enquires when required (rather than relying on them). We agreed the cost per enquiry to ensure leads remained profitable.
  • Adding monthly blogs to demonstrate our expertise and create additional routes into our website.

Our new website went live in April 2021 and since then we have already seen amazing results:

Before the new website launched, we were getting around 10 form enquiries a month through the site.

Now, with a structured SEO campaign we now receive around 200 form enquiries per month, reducing the reliance on Google Ad generated leads.

The cost of our SEO leads is 1/6 of the cost of Google Ads leads.

What is your plan going forward?

Our long-term goal is to keep working on and tweaking our SEO efforts, so that eventually we will have most of our enquiries coming in organically via our website SEO, and the reliance on topping up with Google Ads will become less and less.

We know our strategy is already working for us. In fact, one of our biggest customers, a property maintenance company, found us through local search. He has used us three times a week for most of this year, making him one of our favourite regulars!

Despite the downturn that Covid initiated and the aftermath since, the changes we made to our SEO efforts has not only helped our business get through it all, but we are also actually in the best performing position we have ever been in. Most importantly, it has given the team complete confidence that we will come through the other end of the economic low that faces us all. We now know that we just need to keep analysing our efforts, tweaking as necessary, and committing budget where we can to the areas that will bring us the most reward.

If you are looking to get more enquiries via your website, tweaking your SEO efforts is a great place to start. A digital marketing agency will help you pinpoint where to focus your marketing spend to ensure your budget works harder at turning your online presence into profit.

*Junk Taxi are rubbish removal specialists, providing a range of personal and cost-effective waste collection services that put their customers’ needs first. They work throughout South East London, helping homeowners and builders to dispose of unwanted items responsibly and without the expense of hiring a skip.