Those of you with young children in your life will almost certainly know that as we begin the countdown to Christmas 2020, you may be in store for a visit from one of Santa’s cheeky elves, particularly all the naughty girls and boys amongst our readers (you know who you are!).

For those of you that are new to the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, you should be warned that if you wake up to an elf sitting on one of your shelves come the 1st of December, watch out!  They can be extremely naughty and get up to lots of mischief at night-time when everyone in the house is asleep.  You may find your elf in some very odd positions and unusual places around your home as a result of its meddling!   He/she will report back regularly to the big guy himself so, you had all better be on your best behaviour!

Now, if on the odd occasion the kiddies wake up to find their Elf on the Shelf is in the same place as the previous day, don’t panic.  In our experience, we have found that it is important to remain calm and explain that this could be for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Your Elf is suffering from stomachache as a result of too many Quality Streets.
  • A sprained ankle from busting too many dance moves.
  • Elf-fluenza from not getting their flu jab this year.
  • The North Pole enforcing a Tier 25 COVID alert level.
  • Your elf receiving a track and trace alert and having to isolate until their test comes back negative.

We thought we would share some of the elf antics that the MML team witnessed in their houses last year to help prepare any Elf on the Shelf newbies as to what they can expect if one does comes to visit.

Good luck all.  Let the elfing around begin!