How to retarget potential customers

According to the reports by AdRoll, around 80 percent of marketers ran retargeting ads in the year 2016. The stats are not surprising because as a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating than a potential customer coming to your site, viewing the different sections, and then just disappearing. So, it becomes quite natural and logical for these people to get their ads in front of these people again.

However, there is a slight problem with this. There is nothing more annoying or frustrating for a potential customer to see a pushed ad in front of them, utilising their data for exploitation. The entrepreneurs and the marketers need to work on this and use the benefits of retargeting in a gentle, yet effective way.

Collecting data about the customers

It is imperative for the marketers to know when a visitor has viewed a site and how they interacted with different pages. By gathering and utilising the information about the browsing habits, the online marketers and the business owners can customise the advertisements. This will help in targeting the visitors who will transform and will serve the purpose of retargeting.

Create segments

By default, you will see an “All users” list in the Google AdWords set up remarketing. For small businesses, targeting each and every visitor might prove to be effective but not for the bigger brands dealing in multiple products. They must segment their marketing lists based on the sections visited by the users of the website.

Exclude irrelevant visitors

Omitting the irrelevant users is as important as including the relevant ones. Devise criteria on the basis of which you can leave out the users which don’t bring any value to your web page. You can do so by making a list of all these disqualified URLs and can exclude them from the campaign.

Manage the frequency cap

If you want to maintain a healthy potential customer, it is very important to determine the number of times a particular ad banner will be displayed in front of a user within 24 hours. You don’t want to creep out the visitors by giving them a feeling that they are being stalked. Maintaining the proper frequency and rotating different banners will help in reducing the annoyance and serving the true purpose of retargeting.

Offer the user to opt-out

It is not at all difficult to let a user opt-out of a particular data pool or any campaign. Instead of letting them be annoyed, put your efforts in luring the ones who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer to them.

Potential customers or active buyers should be given some time to rest before they are again bombarded with the same information as this helps in retaining value.

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