What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Cornwall? Endless beaches and beautiful blue seas? Surfing and seafood? Land’s End, or the Eden Project perhaps? What comes next is probably a desire to book a holiday so you get online and start searching for hotels, bed & breakfasts, or campsites in Cornwall, activities for the kids, ones to do as a family, or even a romantic break by the seaside.

Flip that over to Kent or the South East of England and your first thoughts are less likely to be around holidays and more around businesses that are not so leisure focused. Yes, there are gorgeous beaches in this part of the world too, but it is also well known for its proximity to the nation’s capital and all the associated industries and consumer-focused companies, that come with that.

What to consider when choosing an agency

Most people go online to find a local business, no matter what it is they are looking for. So when it comes to selecting an agency to help develop your business, local is important, but so is identifying the sort of searches your customers are going to make. An agency that understands that, is the one that will help your business to grow the fastest. This is because they know the area, they know the market, and they therefore understand the sorts of businesses that operate within these.

Consider this: if you are operating a hotel or surf shop would you not choose an agency or web designer who understands your market and client base? Where they are based may be less important than knowing how to target your audience through understanding the sorts of searches people are likely to make when looking for suppliers. Now think about a business-to-business company operating in the financial sector or manufacturing, or a consumer-focused company with an emphasis on local services or products. Again, your choice of agency should consider their experience within that market and industry as well as their location.

“Our business is based in Cornwall and, as a result, we have a large proportion of our clients in our area who operate within the leisure industry. Our knowledge of the leisure and tourism sectors and the types of businesses that operate within them, as well understanding what prospective customers are searching for, make us an ideal choice for leisure-focused clients. Choose wisely when considering who to work with and you won’t look back.”

Elliot Walker, Director, Coast360

Elliot Walker

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Blog post by Nathan