The only team you’ll need
to optimise your
online presence

The only team you’ll need
to optimise your
online presence

Convert your online presence into profit

We help businesses win new clients via their website. Let us review your online presence and see how we can help you too.

No jargon, mystery or sales patter, we will just give you facts in a language you can understand.

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Our team of Make Me Localers shape everything we do for our clients

Meet the team

We are all knowledgeable, passionate people with our own fields of expertise – you’ll have access to specialists in web design, SEO, marketing, social media, and copywriting, all in one place. At the same time, we never lose sight of our team ethos and always provide a personalised service.

Nathan Kelsey

Managing Director

Nathan is the brains behind Make Me Local. He will meet with you to learn your requirements and will determine how we can best support your business.

Lucy Rice

Personal Assistant

Lucy manages Nathan’s schedule, making sure his time is divided effectively between his different responsibilities.

Andrea Toms

Operations Director

Andrea is responsible for the delivery of our services – including new website projects, content, social media, and SEO.

MML Lee Diggens

Lee Diggens

Key Account Director

Lee works closely with our clients, making sure their ongoing needs are met and our services match their objectives.

MML Victoria Caines

Victoria Caines

Account Manager

Victoria is the point of contact for our clients, ensuring they feel comfortable approaching us with any updates.

Lucy Harrington

Project Assistant

Lucy works across all our projects, ensuring the tasks within each delivery phase are completed on schedule.

Ellie Kelsey

Project Support

Ellie supports the projects team and makes sure that your website includes everything it needs to succeed.

Eloise Shenton

Head of Social Media

Eloise makes the most of your social media and engages with your online audience.

Amy Jeffreys

Social Media Executive

Amy ensures your social media profiles reach your audience and meet your objectives.


Amelia Thomas

Social Media Executive

Amelia ensures your business thrives on social media and engages your online audience.

Jake Miles

SEO Executive

Jake helps your website climb up the search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and increase conversions.

Nicola Younger

Content Marketing Executive

Nicola creates content that will grow your business’s online presence and help you to achieve your marketing goals.

William Ashford

Content Delivery Manager

William is responsible for content delivery, making sure that all our website content meets our client’s requirements.

Hayley Gillard


Hayley writes unique and creative content that helps you to achieve your goals and sets your online presence apart.


Andrew Bell


Andrew gets to know the ins and outs of your business, producing creative and engaging content for your website.

India Roberts


India works with you to understand your business, writing content that reaches and engages your target audience.

Matthew Scrivener


Matthew writes engaging and informative content that is tailored to your website’s needs.

Ewan Mason


Ewan writes content that engages your business with its target audience and takes your website to the next level.

Cerys MML

Cerys Williams

Location Page Copywriter

Cerys creates location-specific content that appeals to your audience within a precise geographical area.

Nicola Gainey

Financial Controller

Nicola manages our finances, making sure that we’re thinking ahead and making the right decisions.


Office Dog

Red has one of the most important jobs in the office – he is the team entertainer and provides moral support.

Our development team

Our highly skilled development team is based in Romania and will make sure your website is everything you want it to be. All members of the team work directly with Make Me Local – your website stays in house, so we all take full responsibility for its quality. We continually invest in our development team, so you know your website is in good hands.

Reach your audience

Your customers are out there, but can they find you online? Talk to us about developing the digital marketing strategy your business needs.

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