Social media has fast become something the world can’t live without, and this now extends to businesses. The success of many companies can be impacted by their social media presence, with a social media campaign sometimes making all the difference when it comes to conversions and sales. Within social media, there are an abundance of factors that can result in a successful feed and online presence, one of which is graphics.

Graphics are essentially any representation of data that’s presented in a visual way. This could be an infographic, reviews from your clients on your feed, or a photo that has been adorned with your company branding. Graphics can come in a variety of forms, demonstrating numbers, text and shapes that are relevant to your business. There are plenty of reasons to use graphics within your social media strategy, and the benefits are countless.

What are the benefits of graphics in social media?

There are many reasons why using graphics in your business’s social media could take your online presence to the next level, potentially even making a difference to your conversion rate and the success of your company.

Sprinkle your branding throughout your feed

Graphics are a great opportunity to create inflections of your brand throughout the entire feed. Having your company colours, slogans and personality present throughout your feed will create a cohesive impression to those looking at your social media, and helps you become recognisable.

Visual content is easier for followers to ingest

Research has shown that our human brains can process visual images and graphics up to 60,000 times faster than we process text. From this, we can see that giving our followers information in the form of a graphic is a more effective way of ensuring they retain it, making your feed more useful.

Increases credibility for your company

Having company-branded and specifically designed graphics can help your business build up credibility. This proves that you are an established company, with a dedicated team to work on social media campaigns. This could make someone more likely to enquire about your services.

Generates more shareable content

Graphics that demonstrate information or statistics are more likely to be shared between users, rather than pictures that show your company’s personality, such as team portraits. This shareable content could then increase your brand’s engagement, drawing more attention to your business.

What is the best software for making graphics?

There are a number of platforms that you can utilise when making graphics for your business’s social media. You may be wondering which is the best, and there are advantages to many.

  • CanvaThis app includes templates to make social media graphics, and is free whilst having paid options such as Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise.
  • Adobe Express This software is free to get started and can help you make your social media graphics and custom designs.
  • Affinity Designer – Affinity Designer has so many options available for those wanting to create graphics quickly, with templates and shortcuts available to make your job easier.

What are examples of graphics that can be used?

Graphics can include many things, and they don’t all have to be informational. You can choose to make graphics with any kind of purpose, such as:

  • Reviews and testimonials – This can reveal your expertise as a company.
  • Infographics – A how-to or step-by-step can impart your knowledge to potential customers.
  • GIFs – Adding personality to your feed whilst being supported by your captions, they offer levity to your feed.
  • Blog promotion – Use a picture and some text to direct followers to your blog. This can increase traffic to your website and further demonstrate your expertise.
  • Business updates – Social media is a good way to keep in contact with your customers and followers. You can let them know any business updates through social media graphics.

Social media with Make Me Local

Here at Make Me Local, one of the seamless services we offer is personalised social media for your company. We build you an online presence, creating a tone of voice that is on brand to build you a following of potential customers. We use social media graphics regularly, for OsteoWellbeing for example. On their Instagram feed, we frequently break up pictures of their business with graphics that use their company colours and give helpful information to give their online presence more depth. This is similar to Coutts Electrical Contractors, where around every third post for them is a graphic. We use customer testimonials, facts that may be useful for customers and more to demonstrate their expertise in the industry as well as their day-to-day life in the business.

Your business could be the next to benefit from graphics in your social media feed. To pick our brains for our social media experience and industry knowledge, we are only a phone call away. Give us a call on 0800 772 0022, or email We can’t wait to hear from you.