Copywriting is the art of selling or marketing a product or service using text, either in print, or online. Trying to persuade someone you have never met to buy something they can’t touch and that they may have only seen in a picture, can be a challenge, even for experienced copywriters.

However, using the right copywriting power words and phrases make the job much easier.

The best, and most successful copywriters are experts in the appropriate use of power words and phrases and you can make your copy more effective, powerful and engaging by using them, too. If you are responsible for writing sales copy here are 21 powerful words and phrases you should try to include in your copywriting:

  1. Largest Selection – whether you are selling carpets, motor bikes or holidays, everyone gets excited by a large selection to chose from;
  2. No obligation quotation – a reassuring message to accompany a call to action. People like to know they can get in touch without feeling obligated to take things further;
  3. Makes a great……. – gift, present or treat. Simply another great reason to buy something;
  4. Millions of…….have –  people / happy customers/ satisfied clients etc. Potential customers like to know that others have bought before them;
  5. New and improved – a powerful way of promoting something that is new, and better, than the offering that preceded it;
  6. For as little as X a day/week  – for example, for only a few pence a day/ the price of a cup of coffee a day and so on;
  7. Phone now! – a call to action that encourages people to act immediately to obtain the benefits and outcomes discussed;
  8. Offer ends – a time limited offer incentivises potential customers to take action while they can, to take advantage of what is on offer;
  9. Foolproof – reassures people that something they considered potentially difficult is actually very easy;
  10. Guarantee/ Guaranteed – something that is guaranteed means people can buy in confidence knowing that there is something to compensate them if things go wrong;
  11. Hurry – used to create a powerful sense of urgency to take action such as make a purchase, complete a form or visit a website;
  12. Easy – something that is simple or easy. Simple to use is an attractive selling point;
  13. Experts agree that … – customers like to know that experts support the buying decision they are about to make;
  14. Low – e.g. low prices, low cost etc. Encourages the impression that the prices involved are low compared with other comparable items or the same item from another supplier;
  15. Huge – such as ‘huge discount’, ‘huge savings’ and ‘huge demand’;
  16. Next day delivery – a benefit that will appeal to many customers;
  17. Free – as in ‘free delivery’, or ‘free gift’. Offering something free, if the customer takes the action requested is used to make an existing offer even more enticing;
  18. Save – everyone wants to save! Whether it is time, money, energy or the distress caused by inconvenience, a product or service that allows you to do more for less is a valuable commodity;
  19. Money – whether you customers would like to ‘save money’,’make money’ or even ‘earn money’, this is a power word with wide appeal;
  20. Bonus – a bonus has some of the connotations of ‘free’, but what is different here is that you have ‘earned’ the bonus you are going to receive, perhaps by purchasing a product or service offers or performing a specific act. A bonus feature can also differentiates an offer those supplied by the competition;
  21. Proven – one of the most persuasive claims for any product or service is that its effectiveness has actually been tested and there is now proof that it does what marketers say it does;