How often should I redesign my website

In today’s climate, your business doesn’t just need a website; it needs an engaging, captivating well-designed site that meets and exceeds the needs of your customers.

First impressions are crucial.

Your website is usually the first taste of your business that potential customers will receive. You need to make sure that its design and content is attractive, engaging and winning over customers. What’s more, you also need to be aware of how your website is ageing. Website technology is increasing at an alarming rate; it doesn’t take long for your well-designed website to be out of touch in functionality, usability and appearance.

So, once you have your website built, how often does it need to be redesigned?

Five signs your website needs redesigning immediately

  1. It is slow and unresponsive (40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load)
  1. You have a high bounce rate and low SEO rankings. (93% of traffic comes from a search engine)
  1. It isn’t mobile friendly (click here to check if your website is smartphone-friendly)
  1. Your brand and business have changed. (Colour increase brand recognition by up to 80%, is your website reflecting your business branding?)
  1. It’s not easy to make updates. (regular blog updates give you a 434% better chance of high search engine ranking).

If your website is showing any of these signs then it is wise to start redesigning your site as soon as possible, but if your site has addressed these issues, when should you schedule in a redesign?

When to redesign your website

There are no specific timelines when it comes to updating your website. Ultimately, different businesses will have different needs. The best way to review and decide on your redesign project should be aligned with your business goals and strategy. However, it may be more complex than that; it may be as website technology progresses, your company may need to review this decision earlier in order to capitalise on a particular market.

It is commonly expected that a website will need to be redesigned or refreshed every two years, but a business may decide to bring this forward or delay it based on the needs of the customers and the business.

How can you decide when the time is right for you?

Key considerations of website redesign – when is the right time?

  • Your business has grown, and your current site is not effectively selling your new products or service. The right time for a redesign would be a product launch date, to give you marketing momentum.
  • Complaints – if you have received consistently negative feedback regarding your site, then it is time to review your website as soon as possible, taking on board the feedback you have received.
  • Budget – as with every aspect of your business, your website should be allocated a budget allowance. If you have the budget then why not use it to improve your website?
  • You have a new strategy you want to explore – to keep your business moving forward it may be time for you to adapt your website to fit with a new strategy.
  • It doesn’t make you happy. If your site doesn’t impress you, then you can expect your customers to feel the same way. Make sure your website fits the personality of your business.

Does your website need a rethink?

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