They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so what’s a video worth?

Videos can be worth a lot more than that! That is why video is one of the most valuable types of media content to emerge over the last 5 – 10 years.  Video just has so much more to offer, when compared with text and images. This is because video can engage viewers and visitors in ways that words and pictures can never do.

People love video and they often value this form of media more highly than many other types of content. However, website owners are frequently reluctant to put videos on their homepage (or anywhere else on their website) and as a consequence they are missing an important opportunity to improve and enhance their relationship with site visitors.

Are you are a website owner who is still unsure about the merits of using video in this way?  Perhaps the points outlined below will change your mind.

Why homepage videos increase both visitor numbers and sales

Here is why we think homepage videos can increase visitor numbers and increase your sales, as well:

  1. Speed – A homepage video can rapidly and effectively deliver your message to website visitors;
  2. First impressions – Homepage videos are still relatively rare, and they are a great way to create a positive and powerful impression for visitors to your site;
  3. Simplicity – With the right equipment shooting, editing and uploading video is quick and relatively easy;
  4. Show is better than tell – It is often easier to sell a product or service if people can see the product or service in action. Your homepage is the best place for videos like this because, generally,  it has the most visitor traffic:;
  5. Trust – People are more likely to buy from people that they know, like and trust. Video helps site visitors to get to know, develop a liking for and increase trust in the person, or the company asking them to purchase something, or take a particular action;
  6. Loyalty –  Updating homepage videos regularly encourages repeat visits and helps builds customer loyalty;
  7. Promote your USP – Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Your homepage video can show them exactly why you are better than the competition;
  8. Makes your site memorable – A well crafted, entertaining and engaging homepage video can make potential customers remember your website, long after they have left it;
  9. Brand awareness – The homepage is the perfect place to put a video that that will help you build your brand;
  10. Improve conversion rates – Video has been shown to increase conversion rates and increase sales volumes;
  11. Improved visitor engagement – The best website content engages site visitors and video can engage as well as, and often better than, text;
  12. Longer visits – An engaging video encourages visitors to stay longer which will improve your ranking;
  13. Drive traffic to other parts of your site – Home page videos can be a great way to drive traffic to other parts of your website, by using an appropriately worded calls to action, such as ‘see my testimonials’, ‘my rates can be found on (page name)…..”  or “you can find a case study on…..(page name)”;
  14. Video is shareable – ideally you would like your videos to be shared relentlessly across social media websites. Before that can happen, your video needs to be found first. And the home page is the best place to put it, for maximum exposure;
  15. Small screens – Reading lines and lines of text can be challenging on smaller internet enabled devices. Homepage videos are ideal for viewing on smaller devices;

It is easy to understand why people who see a video of your product or service are more likely to buy it than those who do not. Customers are also more confident about their purchases, which means that homepage video can not only increase sales but creates more satisfied customers, too.