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One of the questions we are most commonly asked is ‘how much will a website cost me?’ We understand – a website is a big commitment, and you want to be able to budget for it.

We cannot immediately answer that question because our websites are unique and tailor made for each and every client, so we need to follow a process to make sure we price them correctly. There is nothing worse than a company that doesn’t give a final price, alters prices along the way, or hits you with additional costs at the last minute.

We will never, ever do this – the price we quote is the final price for the website that we agree upon. We spend some time getting to know you and your business, so that when we price your website, we will have a thorough understanding of what you need. This means we can give you an accurate, inclusive price that takes absolutely everything into account.

Our websites are amazing value for money, we are sure that you will not be able to find a more competitive price for a bespoke website that includes all of your content and professional photography.

Our pricing

We price websites depending on how much work is required, we have tracked the timings of our projects so we can accurately identify how much time we need to dedicate to a new website project. During our consultation phase, we will find out exactly what you need your website to do for you, and agree on a site map. We can then give you an accurate, all-inclusive price.

Within 1 week of meeting, we will submit our formal proposal.

Matt Blanks – DJ Coaches

“Make Me Local have done a fantastic job with my company website. There are thousands of companies out there that offer this service, but what attracted me to Make Me Local was the interaction in person and meeting the team. Far too often nowadays everything is done over email or online and lacks that personal touch! It was refreshing to deal with a tech company that pushed for face-to-face meetings to learn more about my business needs.”

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    A Make Me Local website gives you
    value for money

    Your website will be completely tailored to you and will meet all your requirements.

    The design and build phase within one of our website projects includes more than 80 steps! This process gives you far more than an off-the-shelf website; it provides excellent value for money from day one.

    Our website projects include:

    A bespoke website tailored to you.
    We don’t use templates – your website will be completely unique, designed and built to meet your needs.

    Full professional photography.
    Our packages include a photoshoot for your business, giving you beautiful, unique imagery to use online.

    All your content, professionally written.
    We have an in-house copywriter who works with you to create accurate, targeted copy.

    A fully responsive design.
    We design and build websites that look just as good on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
    We will ensure that your website is technically perfect in the eyes of Google, and will re-direct any authority you have from your existing website to your new one.

    A fast website.
    Each and every image will be optimised so that your website will load quickly for visitors when they land for the first time.

    Security and peace of mind.
    Hosted on our secure servers with an HTTPS certificate, websites are backed up daily and all software is kept up to date to reduce the risk of a security breach.

    Lead optimisation.
    By including calls to action and a clear user journey, we can help you generate new leads for your business.

    Full project management.
    Our team take care of every aspect of your website design and build project, so there’s no stress for you.

    We install Google Analytics and set up custom reporting, allowing you to track your website performance.

    Spread the cost of your new website

    We won’t ask you to pay for your website in one go. We will set up a direct debit so you can pay for your new website in instalments, helping you with cashflow.

    Once your website is live, we have various options to meet your needs. We can help you with SEO, blogging, social media, Google Ads, reputation management, and display and retargeting. Or, we will simply host your website for you. You’re not tied into any kind of contract with us.

    Contact us to talk through your business, so we can see if we are the right web design company for your project. The first step is an informal, no obligation chat.

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