Recently, Toyota made a smart SEO move and officially renamed its GR 86 to GR86 in order for it to be found easier online.

Is it really worth the hassle I hear you ask? Well, that simple space between the letters and numbers was causing such a problem with hashtags and search engine optimisation (known in our biz as SEO) that Toyota was missing out on tapping into thousands of potential search traffic (and therefore, potential customers).

It is a fantastic example of why it is important to provide your audience with exactly what they are searching for so your business, product or service can be found easier online by a wider audience. In Toyota’s case, making that one minor tweak to the model’s name will earn them heaps of new website traffic from the 110,000 people searching for ‘GR86’ globally each month, compared to the 33,100 searching for ‘GR 86’.

It will not only be easier to find on Google, but on Instagram, Twitter and other digital channels too as there will be less chance of someone typing out #GR 86 by mistake and failing to find content relating to this particular Toyota car model.

The same principle applies when we plan, design and write content for your website. Your business website is the biggest marketing asset you have and when optimised efficiently, it should rank in Google’s search results for a stack of keywords and phrases that your target customers are searching for online. In order to hook in potential customers and generate leads from your website, you need to go beyond a brochure style website where you simply tell customers who you are and what you do and move towards addressing your potential customer needs. For example, if you own an electrical company, you may well have a friendly and well-groomed team of electricians working for you, but your prospects are not searching for “friendly electrician” or “well-groomed CCTV installer”, they are looking for “emergency electrician” and “testing and inspections” instead.

Know your business, know who your target customer is, know what they are searching for and tailor your website content accordingly. Google loves it when a website engages with an audience, so if you want to rank well within its results you will need to create engaging, keyword optimised content for your site. Without traction in the organic search results, your reach will be limited.

Luckily, our ‘dream team’ of content writers know exactly what they are doing. So, if like Toyota, you feel you could be reaching a wider audience by making a few tweaks to your website content, give us a call and we will take a look.