Local businesses are constantly competing to reach the top of search engine results, so that they can be noticed by potential customers. As a local business targeting specific areas, your top priority should be to rank for key terms relating to your services in each area. This is where location pages can benefit you. You can make sure that your business is visible in the first few results and generate more leads. Find out more about what location pages are and how they can enhance your SEO strategy.

What are location pages?

Location pages are pages on your website that have been designed to target a specific search term for an area. For example, if you are a plumber in Bromley, you will want to create a page that has this term as the page title. Location pages will include content specific to the area, such as road names and points of interest. They should also contain information that is useful regarding the specific service. Producing high quality content relating to this service with specific keywords will improve the chances of location pages ranking highly on search engines. It’s important that they are relevant for local search queries and are useful for local customers.

What should location pages include?

Location pages should include multiple important elements, which will make them more likely to rank highly on search engines. This includes:

Useful information

Content should be relevant for the specific service that the user is searching for. It should include useful information on the range of services you provide and how each service works, so that the user knows it is right for them.


It’s important to conduct keyword research to identify keywords which should be included in a location page. Finding relevant terms will help you to create content optimised for search terms that may be used when looking for your service in the local area.

Unique content

Each location page should have its own unique content, not simply copied and pasted from other pages of your website. Creating unique content is another way to boost your chances of being ranked highly by search engines.

Location specific content

You should mention the location that you are targeting multiple times throughout the content. This is so that the search engine can tell your service is relevant to the area and increases your chances of ranking highly.


Location pages should highlight the unique selling points of your business. You will want to demonstrate what sets your services apart from competitors. This will help you convert leads into customers.

Straightforward navigation

 Your location pages should make it easy to navigate to other pages on your website. Internal links and buttons will allow the user to find out more about each specific service and navigate easily between each page.

Why are location pages important for local SEO?

  • They are a key part of your local SEO strategy if you are focusing on a geographic area as they are designed and written with the intention of reaching your audience in these locations.
  • Location pages provide a search engine with relevant information regarding your business services and the area you operate in, so that you will be ranked higher in search results for the term you are targeting.
  • They can help you attract customers in the specific area you are targeting by informing them of the services you offer, and what makes you the right choice for them over your competitors.
  • Visitors to your website can have a more beneficial experience, as they are being shown information which is related to the services they are searching for and is relevant to their location.

At Make Me Local, as part of our web design and SEO services, we can create location pages to target the areas in which you want to reach your target audience. Our in-house team carry out all necessary keyword research and produce unique, engaging content to ensure these pages rank in the top search results for a specific area.

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