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Why do I need a website?

A website is the cornerstone of web marketing. It lets your customers find you, learn about what you can do, and send you an enquiry. If you want to generate leads or show people you are a serious contender in your field, a website is going to be very important for you.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes we are – our VAT registration number is 175 1581 01. All prices we quote will exclude VAT, but we always ask if you are VAT registered and explain the pricing including VAT if you are not.

How long will the process take?

Your new website will usually be ready in 11-13 weeks, but we will discuss all dates and deadlines with you at the beginning of your project.

There are two review phases that will involve you – one after the content is delivered and one after you receive the finalised website. We usually ask that you give us feedback within two weeks, though again, we will discuss these deadlines with you individually.

Various factors can affect timescales. For example, if your website is going to contain lots of pages, we might we need to make the process a little longer to give our copywriters and designers more time to work on it, and to give you more time to approve it.

Sometimes projects can be delayed if we are waiting on a photoshoot or some specific information. We will let you know what information you need to provide at the beginning of the project – this will include testimonials, case studies, and anything else that is relevant to your business. We will also discuss your photoshoot – it’s important this happens promptly, as our designers will use your images to design your website.

Can you get me more customers?

We can build websites designed to generate more leads and run marketing campaigns that encourage people to send you enquiries. Please understand that it can never be guaranteed, but we do have a reputation for achieving amazing results for our clients.

If you want more customers, it’s also important to understand your part in the process. What we can do is generate you leads – for these leads to become customers, you will need to reply to enquiries and get those customers through your door. We always emphasise that you need to be able to speak with the people who enquire if you want extra business.

Does the website belong to me?

Yes – the website, the content and the photography all belong to you. Please do bear in mind that this means you are legally responsible for it, so check it thoroughly and update us if anything changes, especially if your content includes legal information such as industry regulations or standards.

Who is legally responsible for the website?

You are legally responsible for your website because you own it. We will give you the opportunity to fully approve all content and make any changes you want to, and the same goes for the design, including imagery, logos etc. This means you can check everything thoroughly to make sure it is correct and complies with any standards/ laws/ regulations you need to meet in your industry.

Will you help me comply with GDPR?

GDPR is about how companies handle their data – we are not GDPR lawyers so as a result we cannot guarantee that your website will be compliant with the general data protection regulation.

We will provide an SSL certificate* and generic privacy / data protection and cookie policies but cannot provide policies that are bespoke to your company. These will need to be provided by a GDPR lawyer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you handle the data in your business, in a system that is compliant with the general data protection regulation – find out more from the information commissioner’s office. We can introduce you to a GDPR lawyer who may be able to help you with compliance if required.

*Please note, currently an SSL certificate is available at no charge via a not-for-profit group called let’s encrypt, which is funded by many household names. Whilst this is free, we will not charge for an SSL certificate. We cannot control this though, and if there is a charge in the future, we will have to pass on the cost, which elsewhere is an annual fee ranging from £50 upwards.

I have a website at the moment. Can my new website use the same domain name?

Yes. We will discuss the transfer of the domain name with you.

How much will a website cost?

It’s not easy to put a figure on it because all our websites are individual and will be based on your needs. For example, if you asked a builder to quote for an extension, they could not provide an instant quote. We can include features you need and will never include anything you don’t need – your website is built to suit you and you only. Once we have talked to you to understand your needs, we will put together a proposal and a price. All our websites include photography and content as standard – once we give you a price, the price will be inclusive of everything, there are no additional fees whatsoever.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we will spread the payments for you over at least 4 months, interest free.

Can you get me to number 1 on Google?

We’d never guarantee that we could get you to the first position on Google, and you should be very suspicious of any agency that does. Search engine optimisation is a complex process of influencing Google, not controlling it.

What we can guarantee is that we will do everything in our power to get your website good rankings. We will never begin an SEO campaign until we have researched your market, and if we don’t think the opportunity is there, we won’t go ahead. SEO can take a while to work, but we do achieve excellent results that transform our clients’ businesses.

Why should I trust you? There are so many online marketing agencies out there and I’ve heard some shocking stories.

Our entire business model is about doing what is right for our customers. There is no long-term gain for us or for you if we don’t do what is right. We will always arrange a face-to-face consultation before you go ahead with any of our services, so we can discuss any concerns you might have and you can fully understand what we will do for you.

Am I bound in by a contract?

No. We don’t feel it’s fair to tie our customers down. If circumstances change, we just ask that you give us a month’s notice. This is also our assurance to you – as our client, you know we will be working hard for you because you absolutely don’t have to stay with us. It’s our job to make sure you see results so that it benefits you to stay.

What should I do if I experience any technical difficulties?

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact updates@makemelocal.com. Please note, we do not monitor emails 24 hours a day, but we will always endeavour to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Can you use the content from my current website?

You won’t need to – we write all content for you as part of the price. This ensures it is up to date, fits into your new design and is written using SEO best practices. If you have an existing website, we will use elements of the content to help us understand your business.

Where are you based?

We’re based just off West Wickham High Street. Our nearest station is West Wickham or, if you’re driving there are 2 car parks close by.

I don’t live in Bromley – can I still work with you?

Absolutely! We work to make you a successful local business, wherever local might be for you – it definitely doesn’t have to be Bromley. We’re a sociable bunch and prefer meeting you face to face to get to know you in person but, we know this isn’t always possible. As advocates of all things digital, we can make it happen remotely if you prefer!

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