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We support National Timber Buildings with a content marketing strategy that enhances the performance of their website by increasing their domain rating. We do this through a combination of enhanced content pieces and organic link-building.

The objective

We aim to build online exposure for National Timber Buildings by driving traffic to their website. This increase in traffic improves the performance of their domain and creates opportunities to generate more leads.

Our approach

We write enhanced content on a monthly basis that targets specific keywords that are relevant to National Timber Buildings’ industry. The topics for this content are researched to capitalise on current search opportunities. Where possible, we conduct outreach to boost the performance of these pieces of content as part of our ongoing link-building strategy to improve their domain rating. We also write a monthly blog for National Timber Buildings so that fresh content is continually added to their website.

We closely communicate with National Timber Buildings to ensure that we understand their business and are meeting their requirements. They approve all the content we write before it goes live, and we keep them up to date with the performance of the enhanced content through their monthly meeting.

The Challenge

Our challenge has been to produce high-quality content on a regular basis that demonstrates their expertise and aligns with the topics people are searching for. The thorough research we carry out each month, combined with our knowledge of the client, ensures that our content marketing strategy accurately and effectively represents National Timber Buildings’ services.

The results

One particular piece of enhanced content won National Timber Buildings their biggest customer to date within days of being published

Enhanced content led to a backlink to their website from one of the UK’s largest equine welfare charities

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