Take control of your online reputation

It really is true that your
reputation precedes you

This is especially true when you are a local business. Wouldn’t it be great if people in your area knew what your customers honestly thought about you and could get a real insight into your business?

And wouldn’t it be great if someone could make this happen for you? We can, by helping you harness the power of online reviews, so people can hear all about you from those who know best – your current customers.

Reviews have the power to affect people’s decisions about buying from you, and they are also highly influential in search algorithms, because as much as 7% of a website’s ranking factor can be attributed to online reviews. In short, reviews help your website rank well and help you sell more.

There are three main difficulties our customers face with regards to online reviews:

1. It’s awkward asking for reviews – as a small business ourselves, we totally understand that it’s not easy to ask someone for a review. You probably have a million other things to think about, like getting the project completed and invoicing for it. Reviews end up taking a back seat.

2. Customers forget to leave you reviews – your customers lead busy lives, and even with the best intentions, they will often forget to leave you a review. We’ve been in this industry for more than 100 years collectively, and we regularly see our clients struggling to collect reviews.

3. Proving reviews are genuine – have you ever looked at a website and thought “I bet they just made those reviews up?” Yep, we’ve all thought it at one time or another. There is a distinct lack of trust because people can upload anything they like to their own websites.

Our reputation management service


Our reputation management service helps you collect reviews from your customers using a specialist reviews platform. We invite your customers to leave reviews, and make it as easy as possible for them to do so, which takes all the pressure off you. 68% of people left reviews for local businesses when asked, so it pays to prompt them a little. This also means all reviews are 100% genuine, and they’ll be marked as verified so that this is clear to your new customers.

Reputation management

There are two types of review: first party and third party. First-party reviews are those uploaded to your own website, and third-party reviews are those uploaded to other websites. So by their very nature, third-party reviews are more trustworthy, because it’s clear they are genuine.

By using our service, all your reviews become third party reviews, so they are far better for your business’s reputation.

Reviews are no longer uploaded directly to your website.

If you want new reviews for your own website, then we will ask your customers to leave them for you via our third-party platform. They are then shown on your website and marked as verified, third-party reviews, so it’s clear that you’re not controlling them.

Reviews can also be added onto third-party websites.

This can include websites like Google, Facebook, Yell and TripAdvisor – basically, any other sites where your customers might read reviews of your business. Third-party website reviews are important for gaining trust and showing non-biased reviews in lots of different places.

Your reviews can make your website’s search engine results stand out.

You can get a seller rating on Google if you buy Google Ads, and when you have received 150 reviews in a rolling 12 month period, a star score will also appear alongside your service pages on organic listings. This makes you stand out against other companies and can help to improve your click through rate (CTR).

The system we use fully protects your data, so you won’t need to worry about GDPR compliance.

You can find further details at the bottom of this page. Our chosen system is trusted by Rightmove, Dulux, Carphone Warehouse, SportsDirect and many other household names.

How do we help manage
your reputation online?

We will:
  • Collect reviews on your behalf
  • Distribute them to your chosen platforms
  • Keep you informed about your reviews

We will do all the legwork, collecting company reviews and local reviews for your website and the third-party platforms of your choosing. All you will need to do is complete a document that we will supply once a month, filling in the names and email addresses of your customers. We will then request the reviews for you.

We will manage review responses as well, asking you for your feedback so we can reply directly in your own words. We understand that you might be worried about receiving a negative review. Please don’t be – whilst it is never going to be nice to read, a negative review is an opportunity for you to put a customer’s experience right if they haven’t been completely happy. On a monthly basis, we will inform you about any negative reviews and will be happy to give guidance on how to respond, showing the world you are a proactive business that really cares about customer experience.

Why do you need
reputation management?

Reputation management is ideal for businesses that have multiple customers – we would usually recommend it to people who see/invoice more than 10 new customers a week. This makes it ideal for those in the B2C market, and some in the B2B sector as well. We will only suggest reputation management when we know it can benefit you. If you think this service could be right for you, we will be happy to advise you further.

These are some of the reasons why you need to seriously consider using online reputation management:

Personalised advice from your
reputation management expert

Our Account Manager, Lee, is here to help you with your reputation management.

Lee’s advice:

“Reviews are so important for your business and all the stats show they make a difference to click-through rate and conversions. Getting reviews from your customers is an age-old problem I’ve seen time and again when working with our clients. This solution helps gather reviews and use them to build up your business’s online reputation (and search ranking!) – without you having to lift a finger, because we do all the work for you.”

We’re a local business too

We really understand what it’s like to be a small-to-medium-sized local business – because we are one! We are an active part of our community, working with other businesses, supporting charities and getting involved in local networks.

We’re well known in Bromley and the surrounding areas, but we work with clients across London and the South East, creating local marketing campaigns that make an impact.

See if we can
make you local

Get in touch to discuss reputation management further.

If you would like to pop into our office, we are located at 5 Penshurst Green, Bromley, Kent BR2 9DG, and we are open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday,

You can also call us on 0800 772 0022, email or fill in the form below.

    Data protection

    We take data protection very seriously at Make Me Local. We use to collect your reviews, who will only collect and use data that is essential for the running of the service. All data is uploaded to and held on a secure, state-of-the-art, cloud-based server and is used in a way that is compliant with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. is on the Data Protection Public Register, listed as number ZA135775 at the Information Commissioner’s Office.

    If you need to know anything else about the service on offer and how we will use your data, please do not hesitate to ask.