As an account manager, Jake is the point of contact for our clients. He’ll work closely with you to understand your business and your digital marketing requirements, taking responsibility for ensuring that these ongoing needs are met. By building effective relationships with our clients, Jake ensures that they can approach him with questions or requests for the wider Make Me Local team to implement.

He loves working closely with clients, getting to know their businesses, and helping them to achieve their goals. Jake’s detailed understanding of our services and knack for clear communication make him the perfect fit for his role.

Jake’s quickfire questions

What’s your job in a nutshell?

I’m the point of contact for our clients, meeting with them regularly once their websites are live to ensure we’re providing the service they require. By working closely with clients, I can understand their goals and make sure that we are targeting the right opportunities for them.

Tell me some of the most important things about your job role. What do you need to be good at?

Being organised and listening effectively are the two essential aspects for my role. Being an account manager is about more than just being personable; it’s absolutely vital that clients can rely on you to understand their needs and see that they’re implemented correctly.

Give me two or three pieces of wisdom about your role. What is particularly important?

Be prepared. You need to understand all the relevant information in order to help make the right decision for a client.

Check your understanding. Making sure that you truly understand what is needed is the best way to avoid mistakes. Being open and asking for clarification when its needed is also important for building a solid working relationship.

Which Make Me Local value is most applicable to your role?

“Always accountable” – The trust I build with our clients is critical. I’m the person they’ll be dealing with, so I need to be responsible for the quality of the services and experience they receive.

How did you get into your industry? What interests you about it?

After starting my A Levels and finding that they weren’t the right fit for my future goals, I decided to enrol on an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing instead. This turned out to be an excellent decision as it allowed me to discover a passion and interest for websites and search engine optimisation. Moving into a role where I can communicate these interests to others in clear, jargon-free language has been a natural fit.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Cheeky, personable, reliable.

Tell us something we won’t know about you (or more things, if you can)!

I am a huge UFC fan. Whenever there’s a big fight, I will often stay up until 6am to be able to watch it live.

Never have I ever…

Had a cup of tea.