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Make Me Local offer a bespoke design and print service for brochures, leaflets and other print materials. As all-round marketing experts, we can give you the opportunity to extend your offering into printed marketing literature, allowing you to become more memorable and spread your influence further. We work closely with you to create the right printed materials to perfectly represent your business.

Why do you need
printed materials?

You have a website that represents you professionally online – what about something professional that you can send to potential customers, or leave with them to increase the chance of a conversion?


Printed materials can help you in two important ways:


They make you memorable.

One neurological study showed that people were more likely to remember the details of physical adverts than digital adverts one week down the line. If you have printed literature to leave with your potential customer, this could be a crucial step in making you memorable and influencing purchasing decision.


You can reach new audiences.

If you are visiting trade shows, events, networking sessions or meetings, it’s generally the expectation that you will bring along some information about your business. And when that information is professionally designed and printed, it will make a real impression on people. They’ll be much more likely to read it.

Why choose Make Me Local for design and print?

Having already helped you improve your online presence, we can be your perfect partners for print as well.

  • We know your brand, and we understand your values and business objectives. We can help you express these in print.
  • We have existing content and photography to use. This will help keep your costs down and give a highly professional impression.
  • We have expert in-house knowledge of printed marketing materials. Your account manager takes care of the whole process.

What can we produce for you?

Whether you need a double page A5 leaflet or a 100-page brochure, we can design something that is consistent with your website and perfectly communicates your messages. We can create the marketing literature you need to tell people why they should consider your services.

We can arrange the production of the print materials at a market competitive price and deliver them directly to your door.

We price our design and print services individually – we want to give you a fair and accurate price from the start. To do this, we need to understand your brief, so we can come up with a solution that is right for you and works within your budget.

Personalised advice from your
printed marketing expert

Our Account Manager, Lee, is here to help you with your design and print projects.

Lee’s advice:

“In a digital age, the power of well designed, quality printed marketing is undeniable when it comes to standing out and being remembered.
Whether it is a leaflet for a trade show or a brochure to leave behind after a meeting – you need to make sure your printed marketing represents your business professionally and perfectly, leaving a lasting impression for all the right reasons.”


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    We’re a local business too

    We really understand what it’s like to be a small-to-medium-sized local business – because we are one! We are an active part of our community, working with other businesses, supporting charities and getting involved in local networks.

    We’re well known in Bromley and the surrounding areas, but we work with clients across London and the South East, creating local marketing campaigns that make an impact.