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If you are looking to target new clients, or even existing ones but in a different and innovative way, then you should be considering a display and re-targeting approach.

What is display marketing?

Display marketing is an easy way of reaching a new audience and of growing and increasing your brand awareness. It enables you to target a marketing campaign across any number of platforms that will get your message out to a new and different audience.

Amigo Ovens Jose and Make Me Local NathanIt works by creating advertising displays, such as banner adverts, which are posted on a variety of websites and/or social media sites to target new clients. Depending on your business objectives, this could either be on a very wide platform – such as Google Display Network with a reach of over 2 million websites – or a more targeted campaign across selected web or social media sites with a more specific audience.

If you are launching a new product or service display marketing can also be used as a way of alerting your existing customers to the new offer. Often clients know you for a particular product or service and are a captive and easier to convert audience for new a new offering if they know and trust you – you just need to tell them about it!

For both types of display marketing, the opportunities for conversion are greatly increased leading to new clients, and profits, for your business.

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What is re-targeting?

Re-targeting is about capturing business that you may not have converted previously. For example, visitors to your website may not have clicked through to convert to a sale or enquiry for any number of reasons, and running a re-targeting campaign brings your business to them in a different way or on an alternative platform, giving them the chance to click through from there instead.

Our Valued Customer JB Garrone Chiropractic Health CentresRe-targeting works by using a variety of platforms that your audience will already use – such as social media sites – or by using advertising sites such as Google Display Network to position your business differently.

You will have seen the likes of Amazon and Ebay employ such marketing tactics, but it need not just be the household names who benefit from this – you can too!

Can my business benefit from display and re-targeting?

Our Valued Customer Alison Warner from Evolve _ GrowAbsolutely! Whether you are a small business, or a larger organisation with a variety of services and products, display and re-targeting are effective techniques in raising awareness of you and your brand and attracting new clients. Talk to us today about how we can help you increase your profits and grow your business.

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