Think that social media is only for the big, super shiny global brands? Believe that there’s nothing to be gained from local businesses putting together a social media marketing plan? You may well need to think again, if the following stats are anything to go by…

44% of local businesses say that they rely on social media for brand awareness, with 41% depending on it for revenue

70 percent of small business followers re-tweet content.

81% of all SMEs now have a social strategy

It’s clear that there’s value in social media marketing, but embracing it in a way that makes relationships stronger and more personal is somewhat of a commercial conundrum for many business owners. Here, we explain how you can enhance your own customer relationships that reflect on the bottom line, regardless as to the social platform you use.

5 Quick Fire Tips for Profitable Customer Relationships

1. Respond to every comment or message

Responding quickly to social interaction is a must – miss it, and you miss out on building trust and a connection then and there. You should also aim to reply to social messages within the hour: 42% of customers communicating through social media expect a 60 minute response time.

2. Create a webinar that adds value

Facebook Live is hot property right now – and you could be making use of it to deliver webinar-like content. A garage could provide a video run through of what’s checked on an MOT; a bakery could offer a quick, rainy day muffin cooking lesson; a business consultant could provide tips for winning more clients. This builds trust and provides opportunity for you to engage almost directly with your audience.
But let’s be honest – this can feel intimidating, and if you lack confidence in front of the camera, perhaps you could pay the professionals to do it (or at least record it so that you can edit any mistakes out).

3. Provide thanks

Reached a social media following milestone? Celebrate it – it’s a chance to thank your audience.

4. Something gone wrong? Then admit it, swiftly

Social media can either empower you, or drag your business down – no better an example of which is the way in which businesses handle complaints and mistakes online. You can’t stop customers from making complaints or leaving a negative review – and in fact you should use this as an opportunity to shine (every consumer appreciates that a business can make a mistake – it’s how you handle them that matters).

5. And finally… think outside of the box

For all the generic advice in the world, you know your business (and your customers) best. Social media is at its most powerful when it is adopted in a way that suits the business and the ways in which their customers wish to engage.
So, gain inspiration by looking to others, such as these four brands that are exceptional at providing customer service via Twitter or these 3 Brands that are harnessing social media for customer happiness.


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