Make Me Local can create great content for your website that is engaging, interesting and relevant

make-me-local-40Websites need content…and lots of it. Search engines give priority to websites that regularly provide new, original and valuable content.

The right content can help drive your website to the top of the search engine rankings and encourage your visitors to buy your products and services. That is why we place such a high priority on web copy, and why we are committed to providing our customers with a copywriting service that is second to none.

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At Make Me Local we create great content… that gets results

Our expert writers provide compelling and engaging website copy. Regardless of the nature of your business, we know how to create content that will get results for your business.

We understand how people use the internet. We know that when reading online, content has to be attention grabbing and punchy; so we ensure we encapsulate your key messaging in an engaging way, thanks to our skilled copywriters.

We create content that’s designed to suit the way people read online and then design pages of tailored content that’s easy to access, thanks to clever use of layout. We know people are time-poor and only skim read – so we make it easy for them to access the information they need.

As copywriting experts, we are happy to take care of all of your website content needs.

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Tell us more about your business and your website needs…

In order for us to provide you with the very best website content possible, we need to meet with you. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your business and to discover what it is you need from a website.

Discussion topics include:

Create, update or replace? The decision to update or replace an existing website will depend on a variety of factors. If you have a website, do you want to update your existing site with better copy and improved Search Engine Optimisation? Or create a brand new site with new copy, using the latest SEO techniques?
Getting found locally How will our experts craft your website's content so that local, potential customers will find you.
What do you offer? What products and services do you provide? And which of those would you like the site to focus on?
Unique Selling Point (USP) What is it that makes your business uniquely better than your competitors? Whether you are cheaper, quicker, better qualified, more experienced, provide a superior quality of service/product or simply have more happy customers, people need to know. We will use your website to tell prospective customers why you are the best and why they should come to you.
Target market Who is your ideal customer? We will create website content that is designed to appeal to the people most likely to buy your product or service.
Call to action What is the next step that you want your potential customer to take once they have visited your website? Would you like them to book an appointment/phone for more information/visit you/get a quote?
Branding Logos, slogans and taglines are integral parts of your branding strategy. Tell us your branding strategy and we will ensure that our content reflects it perfectly.
Memberships and accreditations Are there any associations to which you belong or organisations you wish to be associated with? We can include images of logos on your site, on request.
Key information Is there other information that your site simply cannot be without? Such as content to meet legal or statutory requirements, i.e. disclaimers?

We have experience dating back to 2006 in helping our customers to win new business and generate more profit. For an informal chat about how we can help you do the same, contact us today on 0800 772 0022 or