Over the years Make Me Local have successfully helped many businesses develop and improve their presence online. Here we are delighted to share with you some specific feedback from some of our clients detailing how we have helped them attract new customers and increase sales.

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bookkeeper-london-cain-and-beerPreviously all our old website did was gave us an online presence. We gained no leads or enquiries from it at all. Since we employed Make Me Local’s services we have more clients than ever – in fact 58% of our turnover now comes via enquiries from our new website. It equates to around £8,000 a month in new business. I’m very happy and never hesitate to recommend Nathan and the Make Me Local team.

Paul Cain
Cain & Beer Bookkeepers

Amigo Ovens Jose and Make Me Local NathanWe came across a former Make Me Local client on Facebook and we were so impressed with their website, we decided to make contact and ask Nathan to build ours for us, too. Nathan’s enthusiasm and passion for his work was very apparent from day one. We procrastinated on some of the decision making, so Nathan suggested that he take the reins, with the promise that anything we didn’t like could be changed. We had total trust in him and when the site was finished it far exceeded our expectations.

Before our site was live we only advertised on EBay. Now we have found that a completely new market has opened up, directly as a result of our website. It has increased our sales in commercial ovens and it has given our new clients the confidence to buy from us. New clients always start by commenting on how amazing the site looks – and we’re attracting a more upmarket clientele, too.

Birgit & Jose
Amigo Ovens

bellsOur website was literally doing nothing for us. We were getting no leads or enquiries from it at all. Nathan from Make Me Local took the time to understand what we wanted from a website and how I wanted the company to be portrayed online. Since the new site went live I’ve not only had lots of compliments about how it looks, but I can put an actual figure on how much new business it’s generated: in the first 12 months it’s been around £25,000 in converted income. I’m very pleased.

Joanne Bell
Bells Accountants

havet-logo-smallI’m extremely proud of our new website. Right from the first meeting I could tell that Nathan really wanted to understand our business. He asked all the right questions so that he could portray our restaurant from a customer’s perspective. He handled all the photography and written content, created video and enabled us to link to all our social media accounts, too. Our new site is easily updated – previously it had no new content for a year – now we can update it ourselves if we want to. We’ve even been able to add a reservations tab so customers can make a booking through the site and it allows us to communicate with our customers effectively.

From the fresh, enticing photography and website design to the menus and customer loyalty card our diners can access online, I’m amazed at Make Me Local’s professionalism and the difference it’s made. And in terms of return on investment, it’s been incredible. We’ve had an astronomical upturn in bookings and more than double the enquiries that we used to have, totaling about 400 extra bookings a week since we went live and that doesn’t take into account any phone bookings.

When we opened our second restaurant, the social media activity generated by Make Me Local meant that our new restaurant opened with a bang!

Make Me Local has revolutionised the way our website looks and how we all work. I would recommend them to any business.

Havet Restaurant

lanes-school-of-driving-make-me-local-testimonial-1We had a problem with our old website: we were just not getting any new clients. We tried Google AdWords but it was expensive. Make Me Local have helped us in several ways. Firstly, a fresh, new website that includes professional photography, video, blog and social media contacts. Secondly, Nathan has great SEO expertise and the results speak for themselves. We have seen a huge increase in new drivers coming to us. The figure is somewhere in the region of over 165% and we can’t keep up with demand – we’re having to employ additional instructors!

Make Me Local is cost effective too – Google AdWords was 28 times more expensive. These days each new lead costs less than £1. I’m very happy to personally recommend Make Me Local and Nathan’s services.

Mark Benningfield
Lanes School of Driving

testimonial-roland-nagy-1Every day we receive two or three new enquiries, thanks to our new website – we used to get that per year from our old site. The Make Me Local process is simple and professional. Everything was well planned and delivered on time. It was a good investment. I estimate that for every £1 invested in my new website, I earn around £30 to £35, so I’m 100% satisfied.

Roland Nagy
Red Point Cleaning Service

johnny-from-silver-lining-floor-careOver the years I have spent tons of money and time in order to get my website right. It is so important to make a good first impression and attract clients via your online profile. I’ve used many companies in the past and I was let down every time. On one occasion my website was hacked and all the data lost – the designers had no back up whatsoever. Another company kept changing the agreement – they started charging for things that were supposed to be included in the monthly fee. All in all there were plenty of unfulfilled promises.
But everything changed when I met Nathan from Make Me Local…
Nathan is so honest that on our first meeting he advised me to keep the website I had for the purpose I was using it for at that time. There was no hard sell. I followed his advice but then decided to rebrand and wanted a website that performed on different level. So I called Nathan.
I am sooooo pleased with literally every aspect of Make Me Local. Communication with Nathan is just brilliant and goal setting, planning and the progress of the work is amazing I am kept up to date at all times. They even helped me with writing all the content. Their personal touch is truly outstanding.
If you value your money and time and want a truly professional representation of your business online, look no further. Thank you Nathan and the Make Me Local team for the great support

Johnny Czarnota
Silver Lining Floor Care

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