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A strategic content approach
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The primary aim of our strategic content service is to create valuable, relevant, consistent SEO driven articles which will:

  • Increase the online exposure of your business with people who are interested in or connected to your industry niche.
  • Build authority and trust in your company so that, over time, search engines like Google prefer ranking your website over your competitors.
  • Drive website traffic.
  • Get ahead of the exciting Google/Bing changes ahead as a result of AI. We already know that Google will continue to recommend ranking trustworthy sources. Therefore, it will be just as important as ever to publish very high-quality content. Google wants to prioritise content that shows direct experience of the topic.

Add consistent value to your website with strategic content

Consistently filling your website with quality, SEO driven articles will allow you to target more specific keywords and longtail phrases within your wider industry and related niches. This will not only increase the amount of people who see your brand and visit your website, but it will also show Google that you are an expert in your field. The more trust that Google and other search engines have in your company, the more likely you will rank highly in their search results.

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Strategic content examples and results

These are some examples of strategic content that we’ve written with the aim of building online exposure and driving website traffic:


We authored this particular article to target the specific key phrase ‘Georgian Windows’ to increase the exposure of the clients sash and casement window offering.

The results:

  • In its first year of publication, this article alone brought in 5% of their website’s overall traffic.
  • It continues to be one of their top three performing articles each month.
  • It ranks on the first page of Google’s organic search results for the key phrase ‘Georgian Windows.


This is one of the many SEO articles we have written for this client to showcase their industry knowledge and expertise in their industry.  This particular article targets the longtail key phrase ‘thermostatic radiator valve problems’.

The results:

  • In its first year of publication, this article alone brought in 10% of their website’s overall traffic.
  • It continues to be their top performing article every month.
  • It ranks on the first page of Google’s organic search results for the key phrase ‘thermostatic radiator valve problems.


As a national name in the timber horse stables market, this client wanted to increase their online exposure within the horse industry. This SEO content targets the longtail key phrase ‘How to put a bet on the Grand National.’

The results:

  • While it brings a regular flow of traffic to the website each month, it has consistently delivered more than 1000 page views in April (when the annual Grand National Horse Race takes place) since its publication in March 2021.
  • It ranks on the first page of Google’s organic search results for the longtail key phrase ‘How to put a bet on the Grand National.’ It ranks higher than most betting websites.

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When writing strategic content we:

Consider search volumes

We research specific phrases, primarily with an information intent, which people in your industry and related industries are searching for. Typically, we’ll target keywords and phrases with high search volumes and low keyword competition. They will either be relevant to your products and services, your wider industry, or your potential customers’ interests or needs.

Learn about your industry

Not only do we get to know your business, your area, and your customers, but we’ll also look into your industry as a whole and the interests and needs of your potential customers. Strategic content will always be relevant and complementary to your business.

Tap into trending topics

We keep on top with what is happening in your industry to use trending topics to our advantage. As with our National Timber Building example above, trending topics, events, and awareness days that repeat year after year are great conversations and searches to target with strategic content.

Consult with you

Whether by tapping into your knowledge and expertise, acquiring imagery, gaining your opinion and insights, or interviewing you directly, we liaise with you to ensure your content is totally bespoke. Your content will be filled with lots of keywords, edited, proofed, and approved by you before it is published.

Research existing content

We research competing content so we can approach topics from a unique angle and offer the right type and intent of content. Ultimately, we aim to make your content more valuable, current, and befitting to the search query being targeted.

F_Increase engagementDeliver the content type in demand

We factor in what type of content is ranking well for a given keywords and create your content to suit. Whether that be a 1,500-word article, an infographic, a video, or some unique commentary from an expert.

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