Struggling to find the time? We do everything for you

web designer bromleyWhen was the last time you updated your website? We will do it monthly for you.
Have you got the time to write the copy? After just 60 minutes with you, we write search engine friendly copy for you, accurately describing your business.
Over half of online searches are done on a smartphone, is your site “mobile friendly”? All of our sites are built with a “liquid layout” so whatever device is used to find your site, it fits the screen perfectly.
Would you like to win new customers in new towns? We help you to do this with our Geo Site and Free Local Area Telephone Number, making you appear local, in whatever town you choose.
Do you have an important side of your business with just one page of content within your main site? Give it the space it really deserves with a keyword rich secondary site, designed to properly market this niche part of your business.
When someone lands on your website, within 6 seconds they decide whether they will stay or not – is your site presenting your business well, is the back button your enemy? Our websites aren’t just brilliantly built, they are beautiful too, so your customers want to engage with your website, then call you.
Has someone promised to build you a website, but never followed up their words with actions? Within 8 weeks, your website will be live.

3 different types of website – which one is right for you?

Main Site

Your main business website, designed to attract your key customers and be both search-engine and mobile friendly. Our expert web team will ensure this has an attractive, interactive layout and is built to fully engage your customer.

Secondary Site

This secondary site acts as a feeder from your main business website for any additional products your company may want to promote. It can target a different audience or market than your main website. Frequently, key parts of your business are lost within your main site, affecting your SEO. Having a keyword rich site, built specifically for this side of your business will help customers and search engines find what they want.

Geo Site

A website targeting the geographic area you are interested in, even if it’s not your home town. To help you attract customers in this new area, we also provide you with unique, local area telephone numbers. This way, your potential customers are more likely to phone you as their “local” business.

Your new website, ready in just 8 weeks

The process of creating your website is really simple, quick and easy. Very little input is required from yourself, except an overview of your business and how it works. Meanwhile, we do everything for you so you can sit back and relax, receiving a beautiful website, brilliantly built in just two months.

There are just 5 simple steps to your new website

  1. We meet to discuss your needs, ensuring that we identify the right product for you, then you sign the agreement
  2. You are supplied with website copy within 14 working days, which is confirmed by you within 3 working days
  3. Within a further 14 days you are supplied with a fully functioning website to proof within 3 working days
  4. Website goes live
  5. Monthly text update to website

website designer kent

With over 8 years’ experience in helping SME’s market their businesses, will help you win new customers and present your business perfectly. All we need is 60 minutes of your time and we will have all of the information required to build your new website. We would love to hear from you, call us today on for a FREE consultation.