Top Ten content ideas for your social media page

Inspiration ran dry for your social pages? It’s a good job you’re here – these ten content ideas will engage your audience and build trust in your company. Let’s get started…

1. Create an opinion piece

There’s no better a way to demonstrate your expertise in your industry than to create an opinion piece. This form of content should draw on your ideas and thoughts on recent news – helping your audience to gain a deeper understanding on the key issues that impact you and them.

2. Report breaking news

Staying abreast of changes shows that you remain well informed on the issues affecting your followers – it also means that your audience will treat your social page as a valuable source of information (saving them time from following many different social accounts).

3. Get in on a debate

When a topic of debate is making the rounds across social platforms you shouldn’t be afraid to add your thoughts – however you should keep it constructive, avoiding confrontation and developing the debate by asking questions.

4. Re-share your most impactful blog posts

What’s worked well in the past will work just as well today if there’s been a significant time period since you first posted it. You can also refresh old content by adding new developments or expanding what the content covers following audience feedback.

5. Write an eBook

EBooks are just about the most effective form of content for gathering emails – just remember, the topic of the eBook must cover something valuable to your audience, valuable enough that they feel happy exchanging their contact details for it.

6. Post about useful groups

Where you’ve discovered helpful online communities you should share them with your audience – you could even contact the groups you plan to mention, to see if they’ll likewise provide a shout out in return.

7. Write a weekly roundup

Summarise your most popular content and topics over the last week each Friday evening – this allows your audience to catch up on what they may have missed while they were busy offline.

8. Put together a tutorial

Webinars and live streaming demonstrate your knowledge and allow your audience to interact with you in real time – if you’re a little camera shy you could consider allowing a fellow professional to guest post.

9. Host a Question and Answer session

Your audience likely have burning questions about your product or service as it relates to their problem – and regular live Q & A sessions can be a great source of leads. If you find it difficult to plan for a set time, you can invite questions over the course of a week or month, and then create a video or written post with the answers.

10. Design an infographic

Visual content is well-known to engage social users and capture interest, with infographics gaining 3x more likes and shares than any other form of content.  Create your own own infographic on Canva or other similar sites.  They are well worth the investment of time and budget for professional design services.


Finding the time to create content is a tough order for the average business, and crafting content that leads to sales? Well, that’s even tougher. If you’re looking for an agency that creates content that counts, perhaps it was time that we talked? Get in touch with the Make Me Local team in Kent – call us on 08007720022 or send us an email via .

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