At Make Me Local we harness the power of social media to help you acquire new leads, clients and customers

video2If you are looking for experts in Social Media Marketing in Bromley then we have the experience and knowledge to develop your social media marketing strategy and implement it for you, on your behalf.

The team here at Make Me Local are experts in social media marketing in Bromley and are skilled in the use of social media to generate new clients and customers. We have been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to successfully drive profitable website traffic to clients websites for nearly 10 years.

Over the years we have provided this service to very many happy and satisfied business owners and our list is ever growing.

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We are experts in social media marketing in Bromley

social-media-company-bromley-1Social media marketing is now an essential part of the marketing mix. This is because social sharing of information is a very powerful way of driving qualified prospects to your website. However, it is one of the more difficult, time consuming and complex methods of online marketing, and if it is to be done effectively, you require the services of social media marketing experts.

As experts in social media marketing in Bromley we will help establish your social media presence for your business and develop it so that increasing numbers of visitors will be able to find your website using social media. The benefits of social media marketing include:

More visitors to your website who are ready to buy, rather than just browse;
The ability to grow customer numbers and profits;
Improved direct communications. Social media makes it easier for you to interact with customers/potential customers by answering questions and participating in discussions;
Social media can help position you and your business as experts in your field.

In this way it makes it easy for potential customers to get to know, like and trust you and your business. These are vital requirements if you want turn visitors into customers.

The service we provide ensures that you enjoy a sustained, productive, valuable social media presence. We are experts in creating material for inclusion on social media sites; material that gets attention, is shared between customers and potential customers and, most importantly, drives visitor traffic to your own website.

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Does your current website make the most of social media marketing?

social-media-company-bromley-2Few companies are able to match our expertise in social media marketing in Bromley.

We don’t just tell you how to run social media marketing campaigns, we provide all the support you need. Our social media marketing experts manage your social media campaign on your behalf, via the creation of impactful media such as text, video and images, and then place them on the social media platforms where your potential customers are already active.

Depending on the nature of your business and which channels your potential customers use, we will want to market your business on one or more of the following platforms:


If you are not ramping up visitor numbers to your website using social media then you should be. As acknowledged experts in all aspects of social media marketing in Bromley, we have the professional experience necessary to develop and implement social media marketing campaigns that get results.

We have experience dating back to 2006 in helping our customers to win new business and generate more profit. For an informal chat about how we can help you do the same, contact us today on 0800 772 0022 or