Going the extra mile

Through our brilliantly built websites, MakeMeLocal.com will help you win new customers and present your business perfectly. Based in Bromley and with 8 years’ experience helping small businesses with their marketing, we will use our expertise and local knowledge to help you promote your business exactly as it should be. We know that your time is taken up running your business, so you don’t have the time to build and maintain your website. That is where we come in…

MakeMelocal.com go the extra mile offering a superior website product. We do it all for you, in 60 minutes we will get the information we need to build your site, without you having to write any copy yourself.

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This is what makes us unique

Personal Service

Who understands your business better than you? We will meet with you in person to get a full brief of what you do, in order to recommend the right package to suit your individual needs.

Built for you

Our websites are built specifically to your needs, we can deliver a solution perfectly tailored to you. We create a product which fully meets your requirements and targets your ideal customer.

Fast turnaround

While some web designers can take up to a year to create a website, we will turnaround your site from start to finish in just EIGHT WEEKS. This ensures that you see the benefits of our service quickly.

Cost effective

Offering navigation friendly, attractive, value for money websites, giving you a great web presence for a fraction of the cost of what most web design companies would charge.

Go mobile

Our websites are also built to be search-engine and mobile friendly so your customers can find you even on the go, on whatever device they may be using.

Work without limits

Businesses were once confined to attracting customers in their local area. However, with our ‘Geo Site’ you can target clients in any location you choose, allowing you to grow your business to new heights, in areas you never thought possible.

Cost effective solution to website design and maintenance

MakeMeLocal.com will help target the customers that you want for a fraction of the cost of a normal website.

MakeMeLocal.com offers navigation friendly, attractive, value for money websites, giving you a great web presence for a fraction of the cost of what most web design companies would charge for a product of this standard.

Included in the price:

  • New attractive website creation
  • Mobile friendly “liquid layout”
  • Copywriting the website
  • Industry leading on-page SEO
  • Local Area Telephone Number
  • Monthly updates to your website content
  • Website analytics

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Websites without limits

Often business owners don’t have the time to spend on marketing, which can halt the growth of a company in its tracks. This is where MakeMeLocal.com comes in. We have the know-how and experience to market your business leaving you to concentrate on the running of it, without having the constant worry of attracting new customers.

At MakeMeLocal.com we have the expertise to design websites with clean lines, correct logo placement and high quality images, which complement font style and text layout. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring style is consistent, colour palettes harmonize and there are no grammatical or typing errors in the content. Our visually stunning websites, with clear headings and easy to scan text will impress and engage with your customers.

Ease of navigation is an essential component for every successful website. It requires detailed planning, to offer your customers consistent classification and clear clarification of content. The overriding principle of navigation is functionality and works best when it is simple and direct, with obvious choices to locate different pages. Most web users are impatient and MakeMeLocal.com place great emphasis on building websites, which are easy to navigate, providing your customers with a good experience, which avoids confusion and the dreaded bounce.

Content, whether its text, video or info graphics, needs to be informative, relevant and original, in order to engage with your customers. Content is about building relationships and the creation of regular content is at the core of effective digital marketing strategies, which results in an improved ROI for your business and promotion of your brand.

Web titles form the important role of helping search engines drive targeted traffic to your website. Your title tag is the most important one on your page and crucial to your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Websites only have seconds to gain a customer’s attention and stand out from the crowd and MakeMeLocal.com ensure your web titles are accurate, descriptive and compelling, to persuade potential customers to click on them.

All businesses strive for higher Google rankings and MakeMeLocal.com know that one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by updating your website with interesting, current content. Nothing is more off putting to potential clients than to find a website which has not been updated for a year or silence on your social media platforms. Keeping your website current and posting on social media inspires trust and loyalty for your brand