web-design-trends-2019-1The beginning of the year is traditionally a time for fresh starts – new year’s resolutions, new fitness regimes… new website? It is certainly a time when lots of the web design experts begin reflecting on the year that has passed, and the year that is yet to come, putting together their own ideas about what will be big trends throughout 2019.

As a web design agency, it’s essential we stay ahead of the game if we want to keep creating beautiful websites for our clients and producing impeccable results. This means that we continually monitor trends and spend time analysing what’s popular in the world of web design, and no more so than in the first quarter, a pivotal time of a year where the status quo was just meant to be broken.

We have been conducting our own research into web design trends for 2019, taking the crème de la crème of expert opinions and looking at the kinds of sites that are popping up all over the internet. We love sharing our expertise with our clients – it’s a big part of our ethos – so here, we are sharing some of out thoughts about web design, and how it’s going to look in 2019.

Retro design

Retro is big right now, and the same can be said for web design. Many websites are starting to use retro themes in their designs, perhaps instilling in the website user something of a sense of nostalgia, a sense of times gone by… but mostly, they just look really, really cool.

We’ve already started making use of this trend, towards the end of 2018 no less, keeping ourselves (and our clients) ahead of the game. Take a look at the fun, retro pop art site we created for our longstanding client Printingprogress. They wanted a new website that would make them stand out from the crowd, and we certainly delivered on this aim, creating a website that was illustration led for a truly retro feel. We love the result, and so do Printingprogress.

Video and attention-grabbing headlines

Designers are always looking for new ways to keep people on a page and decrease bounce rate (that means the number of people who click onto a page and immediately click off it again). This means greeting website visitors with something compelling above the fold, giving them a reason to stay. And what better way to do this than with a video, capturing a visitor’s attention and making them want to watch until the end.

We have created a design very much in keeping with this trend for our client Anderson Travel, using their slogan and video content in place of a hero image to keep a user’s attention and provide a great introduction to the website. With this trend, it can be easy for designers to get carried away, using videos that slow down load speed and that ultimately distract the website visitor. We have been careful to make sure the video content we use is genuinely useful, and complements the content of the overall website.

The use of bold colour and illustration

 Web designers are getting bolder in their choice of colour combinations. We are seeing the internet embracing a whole host of colour techniques, from gradients to duotone to some fetching shades of pink (apparently this is an ‘open’ colour that invites users in). The more daring the colours, the more exciting the website is deemed in this forward-thinking 2019 web design climate. We are also seeing designers moving towards a more illustrative approach, bringing in drawings and infographics to help increase engagement and break content down into bitesize chunks.

This just happens to be exactly the approach we decided to take with our own website when we redesigned it last year, choosing accent colours based on our branding, and incorporating infographics. You see? Ahead of the game again.

Simple, clean design

If you’re a lover of a simplistic site, you’ll be pleased to know that simple is back. Gone are the days where designers were over-cautious about taking a more pared back approach – the web design world is currently advocating more space, less clutter and clean designs.

There are several sites we’ve created where our clients wanted the effect to be simplistic and clean. Check out our work for MD Aesthetic, The Complete Wardrobe Centre and Kingfisher House Business Centre. We like to think we’ve struck just the right balance between a clean design and a website that is still interesting in its execution.

Typographical designs

Using typography in the design can be more than just writing big, bold words and making them stand out. There are various elements that a designer can experiment with, including animation, scrolling and adding photography into the lettering. As coding becomes more advanced, there is more that can be done with typography.

We are pleased to say that we are currently in the process of designing a website that uses bold typographical features, possible with a little bit of animation thrown in… watch this space and keep an eye on the Make Me Local portfolio to see what we are working on in 2019.

A beautiful design will always be on trend…

Web design trends come and go. Some are good, some won’t work for you, and some are merely fads. We always keep an eye on trends and what is going to fit in with our modern, forward-thinking image, but above all, we focus on our client’s image. We design and build beautiful websites that are right for individuals, and that will look compelling when completed. Working with us is about far more than being on trend – it’s about building your business in the best way for you, never choosing design over functionality, but instead making sure the two work in perfect harmony.

If there is anything you’ve spotted that you like the look of, or you have other ideas about web design trends, let us know!