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As an online marketing agency with a local focus, networking is a big part of our ethos. We love meeting new people, making valuable connections that are both great for business and great for growing our local network. We work with an array of businesses in Bromley, Kent, London and the South East, and many of our new clients find us through our thriving network, so it really is beneficial for all: clients can find suitable business services, and businesses can grow their client base.

We also run our own local events, encouraging those in our network to have a conversation and learn a little more about each other’s businesses. Our next one is coming up on the 27th November – book your place here.

What is a networking event?

Put simply, a networking event involves gathering lots of people together in a room so they can chat to each other, usually about business, but perhaps about the weather or what they’re doing at the weekend. Networking is about building up rapport, forming the basis of ongoing relationships that can lead to a boost in business.

Are you a networking first timer? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Don’t form too many opinions beforehand. Some people have very set ideas about what they want to achieve, but the trouble with that is you don’t know who you’re going to meet. You’re best going in with an open mind.
  • Take business cards. You might meet people who you are interested in contacting afterwards, so giving them your business card is a good way of expressing your interest and passing on your own details. Plus, if someone gives you their card, they will usually expect you to reciprocate with one of yours.
  • Be brave! Networking might seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone is in the same position, so find the confidence to go and join in with a new conversation. Once you have, don’t rest on your laurels. It’s good to talk to more than one person, as you don’t know who else is in the room. See if you can meet and mingle with new connections throughout the event.
  • Follow up. If you say you will get in touch with someone, make sure you do it, so that they know you are a proactive and reliable businessperson. Whenever you are keen to make contact with someone, do it sooner rather than later, even if you haven’t made that promise. You will still be fresh in their mind and they will appreciate your promptness. For people who network regularly, this can be one of the most important parts of the process.

Networking events in Kent – perfect for local businesses

These are some of the benefits we’ve enjoyed from networking, and we’re sure you will too:

  • Meet others in your field. Networking is a good opportunity to meet others who work within your arena and you never know who you might bump into. People can often make introductions as well, as they will know other business owners who might need a service just like yours.
  • Connect with those on a similar business journey. Our networking events are aimed at local SMEs so they’re a good chance to meet like-minded business owners. Many of the people at our events are able to give each other advice, share success stories and offer support, because they have been through similar situations.
  • Get more business. At our last networking event, two of our own clients connected and are now doing business directly with each other. Many others made beneficial connections and have formed profitable ongoing relationships.
  • Make referrals. Businesses similar to yours should never be seen as competition. When you form good connections with other businesses in your marketplace, you have the opportunity to refer clients to each other. So if you get an enquiry that isn’t quite right for you, then you have somebody who you can recommend. The beauty of this is, your connections can do the same for you, too. This is a good way of getting warm leads for your ideal clients.

Free networking events in Bromley, Kent with Make Me Local

We make it our mission to run regular networking events ourselves. Having built up an excellent network around us over the years, we think it’s only fair to share. We use these events to invite along all the businesses we know in the area, and then our connections do the same. This allows us to share our connections far and wide in Kent.

It really works. People make profitable connections and often will start doing business together as a direct result of our networking business events. We want to encourage as many people to come along as possible, so we can all enjoy the benefits together as a local SME community.

Upcoming free networking – The Bull, Chislehurst

If you are interested in local business networking in Kent, why not come along to our next event? It promises to be a great night, filled with interesting local businesses you can connect with.

And best of all, it’s absolutely free.

We are running the event in collaboration with Bells Accountants, following on from the success of previous networking sessions we have put on together.

We are encouraging all attendants to bring along a business friend – the more the merrier. This gives everyone a chance to mingle, see some new faces and form brand new connections.

Date and time:

Tue 27th November 2018

18:00 – 20:30 GMT


Bull’s Head,

Royal Parade,



If you are interested, please register for the event on Eventbrite. It won’t cost you a penny and will simply give us an idea of numbers.

Register for our free networking event.

We hope to see you at a networking event soon, and if we haven’t already, we look forward to meeting you and learning some more about your business.